Our Approaches

Understanding contexts, capturing data and creating connections.

Our Products

We are building a lasting research and technology infrastructure to address sex trafficking, domestic violence and sexual violence.

We believe effective research and technology must be grounded in deep understanding of the substantive issues and relevant contexts. Working with survivors and other community partners isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s the effective thing to do.

We provide innovative tools that simplify analyses for partners, conduct creative long-term research and work to understand the effects of existing efforts to generate original holistic strategies.

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Commissioned Research & Analysis

HTI Labs works with government agencies and community organizations to answer applied questions about trafficking, domestic violence and sexual violence.

Consulting Services

Our expertise can be leveraged for strategic planning of comprehensive community responses, policy design, training and speaking events and more.

Data & Software

Data is most powerful when it’s linked. By creating software and other tools, we help organizations connect their data, creating meaningful insights.