Front-End Developer

Location: Omaha, NE

We are looking for a front-end developer to join our growing engineering team.

About HTI Labs
HTI Labs fights human trafficking, sexual violence, and domestic violence by creating sustainable, data-driven research and technology in collaboration with community partners. Everything we do works toward two goals. 1. Develop the infrastructure for automated, ongoing data collection for prevalence estimates, trends, research, and evaluation. Many different entities track some facet of domestic and sexual violence, but to date it has been unclear whether and how these efforts come together to create a complete picture. We seek to systematically address this by:
  • Linking existing data on known cases. We integrate agency systems to produce reliable aggregate data tracking incidents through the criminal justice system & onto services.
  • Measuring & creating data on what we don’t know. Not everyone who experiences sexual violence reports the experience. We create data that doesn’t yet exist to help identify the victim population we’re not seeing.
2. Build sustainable solutions to identify victims and hold perpetrators accountable. Front-line efforts hit the same walls over and over again – unless victims come forward with a smoking gun, you are often left with a “he said / she said” situation. There are many ways that technology can be leveraged to break through those walls and to assist survivors, whether or not they decide to interact with the criminal justice system.
  • Building a better investigative model. We work with law enforcement to leverage forensic and digital evidence in order to shift the burden away from victims.
  • Creating more effective victim identification, response, & support. We work on legislation to create protections for victims as they interact with the system and develop software to facilitate and develop better community-wide processes.
We work to make data gathering processes more efficient, to link data to create a holistic picture of the system, and to build tools that make data useful to community partners fighting sexual violence on the front lines. Whether building natural language processing systems that allow us to interpret open-source data, a dashboard to display system-wide data on domestic violence, or frameworks to automatically generate statistics needed for valuable federal grants, HTI Labs builds tools to help connect the dots.
Front-End Developer’s Role and Responsibilities
The core function of the Front-End Developer role is to implement our applications and dashboards used both internally and externally by our community partners (non-profits, law enforcement, and government). You will work hand-in-hand with other developers to create the underlying web application software.
  • Implement design of web applications in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, and related frameworks
  • Write high-quality code and unit tests that meet the team’s standards
  • Contribute to the UX/UI of web applications. You will need to be able to take complex ideas and turn them into clear, elegant solutions.
  • Work with your team to ensure that the application design and implementation meets the user requirements.
We are a growing company that values rigor, intellectual creativity and collegiality. With demonstrated performance, all employees of HTI Labs have the opportunity to take on significant responsibility.
Skills and Qualifications
  • 2+ years professional experience as a Web or Front-End Developer
  • Fluent with HTML (including HTML5) and CSS
  • Fluent with native JavaScript
  • Experience with:
    • Application development using React
    • UX design & development
    • APIs and understanding HTTP and REST architecture
    • Server-side development using node.js
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Version control (Git)
    • Working in an agile environment
  • Ability to excel in a fast-changing startup environment
  • Desire to continuously learn and grow your skills and responsibilities
  • Ability to communicate clearly and descriptively with both technical and non-technical team members
  • Ability to manage think critically and conceptually
  • At HTI Labs, we believe our work is improved by working together. Being in the office together allows us to easily advance projects, bounce ideas off each other, and get and give feedback. For this reason, this position requires being located or relocating to Omaha, Nebraska.
Unfortunately, we are unable to sponsor H1-B visas at this time.
To apply, send a cover letter explaining your interest in and qualifications for the Front-End Developer position and a resume to Please:
  • Attach the cover letter and resume as separate documents (either word or PDF) named as Lastname_document_role (e.g., Lastname_coverletter_frontenddev)
  • To make sure we see your materials, use the subject line “Front-End Developer”
No phone calls, please!

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