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The Importance of Criminal Record Relief for Trafficking Survivors

Trafficking victims are often arrested, tried, and convicted for crimes they didn’t choose to commit. In fact, more than 90% of sex trafficking survivors reported being arrested for crimes related to their trafficking, such as prostitution, drugs, theft, or unlawfully having a weapon to defend themselves from the potential of violent sex buyers. Traffickers intricately… Read more »

The Graduated Screening Process

Identification of situations of violence & exploitation is a major challenge for service providers yet it is incredibly important in order to connect victims to the services that they need. Traditionally, organizations either rely on self-identification of instances of trafficking, violence, or exploitation, or they wait until there are suspicions of trafficking present to conduct… Read more »

The History of PAVE

Identifying situation of human trafficking is a major challenge, and changing a broken system can feel impossible. However, both are critical in order for survivors to get access to the help they deserve. Back in 2016, the Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force sought to better identify and respond to trafficking as a system. The effort… Read more »

Intersections of Human Trafficking & the Commercial Sex Industry

Not all commercial sex activity is sex trafficking, but all sex trafficking takes place within the commercial sex industry (indeed, it’s the portion of the industry that involves a lack of consent). This is why it is important and relevant to understand the broader commercial sex industry when seeking to combat sex trafficking. Commercial sex… Read more »

May 2020 Fundraiser Video

  To Donate to HTI Labs: Because our mission falls within IRS guidelines, tax-deductible donations can be made through the Omaha Community Foundation. Please visit and select “Other Funds” under the Categories drop down menu in order to find the “HTI Labs Charitable Fund.”  

Join us in the fight against sex trafficking and domestic & sexual violence.

As we all struggle to find a sense of normalcy in today’s world, the mission of HTI Labs has remained consistent – we are committed to fighting sex trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault through the development of data-driven research and technology. The current climate has deeply affected us, and our work is more important… Read more »