Service Provision

Serving Those who Serve Victim-Survivors

HTI Labs partners with service providers to evaluate and strengthen community support for victim-survivors across the continuum of care. We seek not only to enhance service provision, but also to measure the effects of any intervention so that we can consistently improve our efforts.

Screening and Reporting

A major challenge for service providers is identifying situations of violence and exploitation, so that victims can get the help they need. As chair of the Screening and Reporting Committee of Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force, we’re working to develop and integrate a graduated screening process across the community. Whether you’re a nurse or a parole officer, we equip you with the tools necessary to recognize situations of trafficking and to know what action to take. While developing the right screening tool is important, implementation is also critical.
First, victims should only have to tell their story once - so they can work on their recovery rather than reliving negative events.
Second, screening processes have to be streamlined, so service providers can focus on helping victims rather than paperwork. And they have to be confidential, so victims are protected.
Lastly, the screening processes must be implemented in a way that allows rigorous evaluation, so we can continuously improve our systems as a community.

Network of Services

Victim-survivors of human trafficking have complex needs for individualized services. While one victim-survivor might need access to safe housing and health services, another might benefit from mental health services and job opportunities. These diverse and complex needs mean no single organization can serve all victim-survivors of human trafficking. We’re building the data infrastructure allowing community partners to identify gaps and opportunities in the service provision system as a whole. We’re working to provide tools strengthening the referral networks allowing service providers to connect victims to the services they need.