About HTI Labs

Combating Violence Through Data-Driven Research and Technology

As a women-led organization, we recognize the power that comes from bringing together those who understand the problem, create technology to address it, and implement solutions. We leverage this integration to develop solutions empowered by creativity and technology.

What started as an undergraduate research project turned into a multifaceted research and technology initiative driving change throughout the country.

Our Mission

We build the knowledge infrastructure to illuminate smarter solutions combating violence and exploitation.

Our Team

Crysta N. Price

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Julie Faller

Director of Research

Matt Price

Chief Technology Officer

Terry D. Clark

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Johnson

Research Assistant

Kena Rathod

Data Scientist

Christina Jones

Front-end Developer & Designer

Catherine (Cady) Patino

Data Scientist

Elijah Spraul

Front-end Developer

Our Values


We question the status quo – especially when it comes to our own work.


We recognize our reputation depends on accuracy. It’s okay to say “I don’t know yet.”

Human Trafficking Initiative at Creighton University

HTI Labs has its roots in the Human Trafficking Initiative at Creighton University, where we continue our academic work. We learn, use and apply data science and social science to conduct basic academic research on social issues.