Where We're Going

Creating a community that stays ahead of the trafficking industry means learning and working with the best in the anti-trafficking community.

We’re working to further improve our software, adding features that continue to dissolve the tedious and repetitive work our partners in law enforcement go through while building their investigations.

We want to further fill out our database of open-source information and pieces pulled by law enforcement in order to create a platform where investigations can merge and update as new information becomes available – regardless of jurisdiction limits.

Collectively, we will create communities with agencies better equipped to detect and dismantle trafficking organizations.

Our research will continue to serve the pitfall of information that takes years of steady work to accumulate into consistent and meaningful data.

We are pushing for a widespread systematic rewiring.

Crysta Price

Founder & CEO

September 29, 2023

Scaling Our Impact

Since the initial launch of LEADS, we’ve been able to get our software into the hands of local and federal law enforcement agencies working on investigations across the country. Our PAVE community has grown to include several protective service agencies and local schools. These platforms have played a crucial role in detecting and mitigating trafficking. Every additional partner is a step towards staying ahead of the trafficking industry.