Built for proactive investigations

LEADS is an interactive platform for investigating & building intelligence on human trafficking networks and was designed as a results of 7+ years of ongoing research and development.

What is LEADS?

LEADS, which stands for Law Enforcement Assistant for Dismantling Sex Trafficking Networks, was designed as a result of years of ongoing research and development to help law enforcement identify traffickers and see the full scope of the network in order to hold perpetrators accountable.

LEADS facilitates an intel-driven approach that decreases emphasis on victim self-identification and provides law enforcement with credible and actionable cases that investigators can work on collaboratively.

Built for proactive investigations, we provide actionable leads on trafficking in your jurisdiction that investigators can work on collaboratively. 

Interactive investigative process embeds data science to automatically discover information, make connections, sort through the noise, assess risk, & update the network. 

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Sex trafficking is constantly evolving, with critical information decentralized across countless websites, message boards, social media, & communication platforms.

We conduct ongoing research to pull in emerging sources, predict risk, and connect all the information for investigators. Our ongoing research and development makes it possible to keep up with traffickers even as the investigations become more and more complex.

How We Can Put a Dent in the Problem

Law Enforcement Centered Approach

Establish a system of consistent intelligence gathering & source development

Generate an ongoing triage of high-risk situations for investigative focus & identify missing information

Develop long-term investigations seeking to refine our understanding of the bigger trafficking network

Connect potential victims to services & decrease reliance on victim cooperation

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