Law Enforcement

Targeting trafficking networks through technology.

Modern sex trafficking is a clandestine activity embedded within the broader commercial sex market. Identifying situations of trafficking presents a formidable intelligence challenge. We partner with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to hold offenders accountable and implement victim-centered approaches.

Improving Victim Relationships with the Justice System

Once trafficking is identified, it can be very difficult to prove. As a result, prosecuting trafficking often relies on victim self-reports. Using data science, HTI Labs leverages open-source information to generate an accurate picture of the commercial sex market. When combined with intel from law enforcement, this information focuses enforcement efforts on the most exploitative parts of the industry. Leveraging the power of machine learning, this partnership results in smarter targeting of exploitation over time.
HTI Labs develops software which puts information about potential situations of trafficking into the hands of law enforcement.
The software gathers and integrates evidence of trafficking that doesn’t rely on victim reports. This keeps enforcement efforts where they should be - on the perpetrators of trafficking.
By helping law enforcement develop tools to investigate trafficking that don’t rely on arresting victims, we hope to improve interactions between trafficking victims and the criminal justice system.