Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence in Nebraska:

Findings from the 2020 Statewide Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (SIPSVS)

Sexual and intimate partner violence are serious problems in our community. These issues have long-term implications for victims/survivors and potentially large-scale economic impacts for healthcare, workplaces, schools, government, and the community overall. When this violence occurs early in a person’s life, it is often repeated throughout their lifespan. A single experience of sexual or intimate partner violence can create a lifetime impact.

When we know how and when violence occurs in a person’s life, we are given the ability to intervene and to prevent the violence.

Sexual violence and intimate partner violence ARE preventable.

In January 2019, the Nebraska Sexual Violence Data Scan lead to the recommendation for a new representative and regular survey of sexual violence in Nebraska. As a result, HTI Labs was commissioned by the Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence to design, implement, and analyze a statewide survey on sexual and intimate partner violence in 2020.

We are excited to announce the release of the first ever statewide report on the prevalence of intimate partner and sexual violence in our home state of Nebraska. The report is the culmination of a multi-year partnership discussing the findings of the 2020 Statewide Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey.