Nebraska’s Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence Response Community: A Needs Assessment Concerning Allocation of American Rescue Plan Resources

HTI Labs is pleased to announce the release of our report, “Nebraska’s Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence Response Community: A Needs Assessment Concerning Allocation of American Rescue Plan Resources”. This project was commissioned by the Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence.

As a component of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, Nebraska was granted nearly $3.7 million in supplemental funding directed at improving our community’s ability to serve survivors of intimate partner & sexual violence. The primary goal of this report is to evaluate the current landscape of Nebraska’s intimate partner & sexual violence response community to inform decision-making surrounding the allocation of these funds.

Drawing on input from practitioners across our state, a number of themes emerged as especially salient. Our primary conclusions include:

  • The pandemic’s economic impacts exacerbated the needs of survivors, particularly those surrounding housing, mental health, and services geared toward employment & economic stability.
  • Agency leaders are fearful for their organization’s ability to maintain basic levels of operations going forward in the current landscape, citing factors introduced by way of the pandemic such as dwindling funding & increased occupational stress.
  • There is a need for implementing long-term, ongoing, and sustainable forms of material support to our state’s intimate partner and sexual violence response community in an effort to break away from reliance on unstable & administratively  burdensome funding sources.

Strategic allocation of this funding represents a major win for our state’s response community. We look forward to witnessing these resources improve our community’s ability to serve survivors.

More information and further findings can be found in the report below.

At HTI Labs, our mission is to fight sex trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault by creating sustainable, data-driven research and technology in collaboration with community partners. We build the knowledge infrastructure to illuminate smarter solutions combating violence and exploitation.

The Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence is a statewide advocacy organization committed to the prevention and elimination of sexual and domestic violence. They work to enhance safety and justice for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking by supporting and building upon the services provided by Nebraska’s network of local programs.